Fashion Vs Earth: A WAR.
FSF Case Study 2021
This collection encourages a conversation about human waste and its impact on the earth. Specifically, I zoomed in on the fashion and textile industry’s impact on the ocean and other water ways. The fashion and textile industry relies heavily on natural water sources and in doing so, liters it with trash, chemicals, oils, etc. Animals who rely on the ocean for housing or hydration suffer, as well as the fact that the textile industry is literally drying up natural water sources due to high demand of cotton. This collection focuses heavily on mimicking ocean life and creatures through sculptural techniques as well as combining them with the American denim we love- but the Earth hates. I sourced already made denim from thrift stores in order to increate the collection's sustainability fact. Having made this during the COVID-19 pandemic, my resources were fairly limited but I enjoyed getting creative for this "at-home" photoshoot.
Garments & Accessories
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